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Teeth Whitening

Thank You For Choosing Cosmetic By Laser.

Cosmetic By laser is revolutionizing the teeth Whitening industry. Our powerful cosmetic teeth whitening system offers inmediate results typically associated with high priced dental solutions, at a price everyone can afford. It is also faster, completely pain free, has immediate results, and is enamel safe!

What can a Bright, Beautiful Smile Do For You?


Our Unique Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System Utilizes 3 Key Components to Remove Stains.

1. Obtain Current Tooth Shade: This is a critical step in the whitening process. Utilizing a dental grade teeth shade guide, we determine the current color of your teeth. We estimate the results you can expect from our whitening process.

- Better first immpresion
- Instantly remove life-long stains
- Increase your confidence
- Take years off your appearance
  2. The Teeth Whitening Gel: it´s photosensitive and specifically formulated with a special blend of active ingredients to deliver the maximum whitening results in the shortest amount of time. The gel is enamel safe and painless.

Our Teeth Whitening Process is...

- Painless - Enamel Safe
- Affordable - Effective

  3. The Accelerator Light: it accelerates and enhances the teeth whitening process by activating the photo sensitive teeth whitening gel.

Touch Up Sessions

15 Minutes



Single Sessions





Double Sessions Two whitening session


Multi Sessions

Multiple whitening session